Panther At Work

"I believe ART is the perfect vehicle to help bring our society, as a whole, to a higher consciousness, and to vibrate on a higher, more peaceful level."

"I developed this art form, because it allowed the energy of my paintings to continue to expand, filling the viewer with the same feelings of empowerment that were present when the work was first created."  "My work is the deconstruction of Old World Frescos, into a 2 and 3 Dimensional New World Art enabling a more complete story to be told."

Upon viewing Panther’s work, one is taken, not only by the strength and beauty in her subjects, but by the creative format she has developed to present her work on. Because of the abundance of energy that is encased in each of her paintings, the standard custom of framing a piece of artwork was not a viable option. For to attempt to frame such vision and adventure, would be much like trying to constrain the power of the sea, or dim the rays of the sun.

Her work is so Empowering and Explosive, that to successfully charge the viewer with its energy, and tell the whole story that is to be told, she had to create an entirely new platform to display her work. Thus the ‘Rock’ was born!

Each ‘rock’, if you will, is handcrafted by applying layer upon layer of a multiple of plasters, compounds and lightweight materials, to assimilate the desired textures.

The method of application of each layer is done with meticulous intent, developed thru years of development to perfect the appearance of slate.

Such care is put forth in this development, for they are the vehicles that must somehow both display the painted image, and “launch” its immense energy, And it works! Panther’s work makes one feel they are courageous, sensual and strong! Awakening the warrior who embodies the confidence to accomplish, and the Spirit to Dream…


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