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A Key To Steal My Heart
Glittering Rhinestone Strand Bracelet, that structurally showcases, colors of silver, pink and go..
Antique Pirate Cuff
"NEVER SURRENDER, AND TAKE NO PRISONERS!!!"  Show off your bounty riches, earned from courag..
Army Man in Gold
Army Man in Silver
Blue Blood Bracelet
The Blue Blood Bracelet is meant for those who want to gain high spiritual awareness. The silver ..
Bold Octopus in Pink
This stunning piece of jewelry is meant to stand out as it grips your wrist. The Bold Octopus wea..
Briar Rose
The Briar Rose features a delicate white base with a soft gold and purple rose. The bracelet feat..
Cat Cuff
The true definition of the Cat's Meow! Vintage brass wide cuff, as a base. Molded jungle cat with..


In My Jewelry Line, my perspective is intuition. I know what appeals to me.  This empowered me to look in the direction of the Ancient and Old World techniques. Therefore, all of my silversmithing is done, one at a time, and by hand. I do not work with molds.  After a piece is fired,  I individually study them for formation and direction. Once, I determine the type of jewelry it will be, the shapes are further manipulated and filed, into finished pieces that fulfill the artistic composition.  It is at this point of the process, that I switch into my Artist Mode.  Here is where my many years as a Painter,  determining the choice of medium, color palette, subject, design, and balance between positive and negative space;  gives me the expertise to choose the placement, colors and content of the crystals, gems, and exotic materials, to enable an intricate, well balanced design.  

The end result is Celtic, Pirate and Passionate.  The body of my inventory are very different and versatile   The motivation has been to create the jewelry that I have always searched for myself, but could never find! 
My work is not precision, fine jewelry; it is ART. I create costume jewelry that are Fine Art Sculptures, to be worn. And it is for this reason, that the silver I choose to work with, is absent of the element of copper, to eliminate the task of trying to polish these works of art. My jewelry work will never tarnish.

Custom orders can be created from images of pieces that have been sold. Please allow for subtle differences; the individual organic procedure of this jewelry procedure prohibits exact replication.

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