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Crystal Heart
KE design in pewter, with large Opalescent Crystal Heart, with gold, tarnish resistant wire. ..
Pinpoint Perception
I4 Series, Brilliant Square Center Crystal Gem, in Mermaid colors of blue, green, and purple. &nb..
Turquoise Friendship Bracelet
Friendship knot bracelet, with celtic curves, gold tarnish resistant wire wrap and turqoise nugge..




The direct translation of "KE" is "KINETIC ENERGY" 

It is a known fact, that I AM A BRACELET GIRL!   I wear them all the time, in everything I do:  In play...;

Most of my pieces, I personally wear for a 24 hour period, to put them thru my rigerouse schedule, to ensure the features that are important to me:  BEAUTY, COMFORT, VERSATILITY, and the "WOW FACTOR!"  Even the Largest of my designs, you will find, to 'Fit' right into the comfort divits of your wrist, rendoring ample movement, ultimate comfort, exorbant ellegance.  But still, I've noticed a repeated desire for the purchase of specific bracelets I have made, that I have repeatedly worn, and have claimed as my own.  In conclusion, it became apparent that perhaps in addition to being attracted to the designs of my bracelets, there was, in fact, a draw to my energy that the bracelets embodied, from repeated wear. So, After years of Pleas from my clientelle and friends, begging me to sell them my personal collection, I literally 'had a dream', (not kidding) of the engineering of the design to these Amazing, Whimsical Wrist Ornaments.  And as the visuals of my dream took me thru this tutorial, the words Kinetic Energy played a repeated rythmical beat in my brain.  Of course, upon my awakened slumber, I was enthralled with the message, When I researched the definition of the term on my computer, I learned, that, what they were attracted to, was MY Energy!  OK, for those of you that don't know, I am the Human Blur!  Always Creating, Always Designing, Always in Motion!  Kinetic Energy is Energy in Motion.  The Kinetic Energy of My Bracelets, is the energy they possess, because of the Constant Creative Motion I am in!  So I Immediately, created the prototype from my dream....and, 'POW", Batman, the KE BRACELET was born!

Cheers! and Enjoy!

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