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Panther understands that her talent is not hers alone…but rather, she is a tool for something much larger, meaning to express and interject inspiration into the world. “I have great interest in promoting courage, hope and empowerment, throughout every culture and creed. I believe art is a perfect vehicle to help bring every society, as a whole, to a higher consciousness, and to vibrate on a higher, more peaceful level.”
With this goal, Panther sends her message in works created of acrylic, chalk, charcoal, Venetian clay, and powdered pigments upon individual plaster “Canvases”, resembling a rock. These “rocks” are hand crafted into shapes reminiscent of pieces of ancient ruins. Creating the perfect platform for subjects of great strength and beauty and destination. The result is an enthralling experience, as one feels the same thrill, excitement and understanding, of stumbling on an archaeological find.
Having spent much of my youth on the waters; our 44ft, trawler was our second home.
Seeking adventure, my family and I would often leave our Chicago home and journey on our vessel thru the Great Lakes toward the open seas. This meant by way of the Trent-Severn and the St. Lawarance Seaway, ending up in the area of Nova Scotia and Maine. Free to explore the beauty of Quebec and Montreal, we’d then continue down the coast, the home stretch, if you will, to make our crossing to the Grand Bahamas. The Berry Islands, the Abaco, and finally our beloved Exuma, we were home! My academics were continued thru home schooling curriculums, and my soul was fed thruthis paradise my parents brought me to.
Privileged, was I, to learn the abandonment of the sea. And I came to respect her great strengths, lessons, and gifts; I live by each day. What choice do I have, but to honor the great sea, and give her a voice in my art? It is here that I convey her beauty and song.
Realizing that this energy could never be bound in the restriction of a frame, I had to create a canvas that would best support her stories that deserved to be told. A format that would release it’s energy; creating empowerment for the viewer, thus experiencing instant understanding, courage, and peace.
What I create, I create not only with a purpose…
But I create ON PURPOSE…
With energy to heal, inspire, and affect, all who seek to hear her song.
Panther studied art design at Columbia College in Chicago, Il., and honed her skills doing set/scenic design in the city for local productions.
Her work expanded to Los Angeles, and Florida creating sets and props for film, stage, and photography. In 1991, Panther produced a postcard line of her origional artwork, distributed throughout Los Angeles and Tampa.
The exposure of her deliberate style of vivid and bold usage of colors and scale, generated impelling requests to be replicated by private clients in the form of murals.
Panther’s mural work has since expanded extensively in businesses and homes, personifying her all encompassing style of incorporating the ceiling with the walls, thereby creating a unique transformation of all time and space. Customizing these Xanadus became her trademark, and has put her work into high demand.
Panther’s creativity is limitless, as she is often seen providing elaborate face and body art; and directing children in interactive theatre.
Panther’s recent release of her current work has proved to be her most innovative yet; as she has created a new art form in her quest of her truth.
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