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Panther Brunotte
Melbourne Beach, Florida


Born in Chicago raised on the Open Seas.

Multi Media Artist:  Painter, Frescoes (concept Self Engineered), Jeweler.


Featured Artist:  Live Performances:  WYLAND GALLERIES, Orlando;  CAFE' TU TU TANGOS, Orlando,  THE WHITE HOUSE, Orlando; EXAGE'RE GALLERY New Orleans;           WJRR EARTH DAY BIRTHDAY, Orlando ,  SUNSET BAR AND GRILL, Cocoa Beach; and many, many more....

Current Public Instillations:  ORLANDO ART MUSEUM, Orlando, SAYA BOUTIQUE, Orlando;  LISA VICTORIA GALLERY, New Orlando;  VAMPIRE BOUTIQUE, New Orleans;  CAFE' TU TU TANGOS, Orlando;  SULLIVAN'S JEWELERS, Melbourne, Florida;  JUNE MILLER GALLERY, Melbourne, Florida;

Celebrity Clientelle:  Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Gwen Stefani, Steven Tyler, Christina Aguilera, Zendaya, Cheryl Dodd (fellow Playboy Bunny Mate) Tom Dodd , Gary Propper...

Industry/ Entertainment Projects:  Jewelry/ Design:  Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides:  Zendaya, Swag it Out Tour, Teen Choice Awards:  Cheryl Dodd, Grammy Tom Dodd, Life Time Achievement Award.



Panther understands that her talent is not hers alone…but rather, she is a tool for something much larger, meaning to express and interject inspiration into the world. “I have great interest in promoting courage, hope and empowerment, throughout every culture and creed. I believe art is a perfect vehicle to help bring every society, as a whole, to a higher consciousness, and to vibrate on a higher, more peaceful level...”
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