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Black PLeather Charm Hat
woven black and white bill with billowy black pleather back studded with hand stiched charms ..
Black Velvet Charm Hat
red and black checkered bill, ample black velvet ornately showcasing hand stitched charms ..
Fox Fur Stole
Deep Hued, White Tipped Fluffy Fur Fox Tails detailed with scrolling cording  intricate..


To be an to Courageously Live, Love and Grow in a Space of Adventure...where Limitations do not exist, only Pure Unbridled Creativity.
To this day, I am still enthralled with wonder and surprise, of the twists and turns of where I am led. Here you will find a consistent flow of 'Eclectables (tm)' that I Stitch, Style, Fit, Embellish  Construct, Design, and Manifest...for no other reason but to fill my soul.  Because this is My Playful Window to Dream and Explore  I am delighted to present to you A Vision, that hopefully you will find Refreshing with Unconventional Choice. Seldom are These Pieces replicated, which truly categorizes them as 'Supremely Unique, Rare, and One of a Kind.'

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